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Please leave comments here about the ‘Kingfisher Lake.’ This Specimen Lake is approximately 3 ½ acres in size with seventeen large swims. The lake has been constructed from two smaller lakes with two islands offering plenty of underwater features ranging in depth from 2 – 10 feet.

All swims feature compacted bark chippings, and offer a generous space to allow pitching of bivvies. There is also a new  walkway around the lake allowing clean and easier walking access. The current stock levels offer a number of carp to 34lb, a good head of 20’s and lots of mid to high doubles. This lake also offers a good amount of other species including perch to 5lb.

If making a comment or review of your experience on ‘Kingfisher Lake’ please use the comments box below and we will make sure to read you comments as soon as possible. A general fishery review can be found in the menu to the left… Thank you.

Kingfisher Lake Photo by Dave Smith
photo courtesy of Dave Smith

23 comments on Your Kingfisher Lake Experience

  1. Another great 24hours spent on kingfisher felt truly looked after from arrival to departure
    Food was spot on and the lounge room was a welcome break from the cold
    Will return again soon
    Thanks again to Dave Joanne and staff

  2. My dad and I booked the Kingfisher lake on a 48 hour session from 26 – 28/10 via the phone, paying online and was greeted by John, one of the bailiffs on arrival circa 7:30 am. John who takes a thorough approach to guidance, local policy and carp fishing etiquette, rigorously set about the do’s and don’ts.

    Most of the morning lost to the setting up of the bivvy and swim area, it was pretty much midday before lines touched the water. Once in, it wasn’t long before the first fish was on the bank. An 18 lbs common carp on my dad’s setup and things were looking good. The bait was working as another 90 minutes later fish number 2, this time an energetic young mirror weighing in at 6 lbs. Before dark, the same rod went for a second time and in came a 25 lbs mirror, 2.5 lbs off the PB.

    The bites faded after the first day but with the cold front arriving in a big way you could be excused for thinking the fish needed time to adjust to the change in weather, we certainly did.

    Overall a great fishery and definitely taking hospitality up a notch or two for specimen carp fishing facilities. A good choice of fresh home made food and burgers etc. were available throughout our session at reasonable prices and meant the camping stoves were reduced to tea making duties only. The toilets and showers were spotlessly clean and if I had one small criticism here, it was the lack of soap in the soap dispenser in the toilet on Kingfisher between 15/16 and the car park.

    It was a pleasure to meet the owners Dave and Jo, to learn a bit about the history of the lakes and their future as well as being great hosts around the restaurant canteen. The two bailiffs John and Phil were full of useful tips and helpful throughout. It all made for a welcoming and enjoyable trip and we’ll definitely be back again.

    I wonder if the venue would benefit from a few log cabins but this is a thought more than a suggestion and something my dad would appreciate more than I would, although we’ve stayed in a few log cabins and have enjoyed the convenience.

  3. Hi, I fished this lake last weekend on a social organised by Dave and Jo.

    Firstly I would like to say Mousehole Fishery is stunning!, kept in tip-top condition and going places! Dave and Jo are great hosts, and John the bailiff will put you on the right spots. As for the fishing, the fish that came out where immaculate!

    I will definitely be back! Lots of big fish to go for, can’t wait!!

    Thanks again to Dave and Jo, see you soon.

  4. Just returned from a 72hr fishing trip with my son. Really helpful bailiffs and owners and everyone very friendly. Facilities were really good with showers, somewhere to eat and food was excellent. All in all an excellent trip and will definitely return.

  5. Turned up to do my first 24hr on the Kingfisher Lake. What a lake!! Great bit of fishing and brilliant staff and owners.

    Got greeted by David and Joanne who showed us the lake, had a little look around and chose our swim. David gave a great service of picking up all our gear from the car and delivering it to our swim, although it wasn’t a long walk it saves a lot of time and effort. Perfect start.

    Night came in quite quick after we set up which didn’t bring much luck our way for the rest of the night. Morning came up and managed to have a chat with the bailiff Phil, gave us a few good ideas on fishing the lake and it helped out massively. Within half hour alarm went screaming with a small but nice 15lb mirror, soon after came a 22lb common, few hours later we followed with a 19lb common.

    Little did we know the sun had brought the day to a close as it was too hot to fish. Such a great friendly and helpful service, will definitely be back.

    Thanks again guys!

  6. Fished kingfisher lake today, first time on complex with my mate, have to say I was honestly impressed with the friendliness of the owner David and bailiff John was very helpful, as for the service you get, it’s pretty much unheard of on other venues, food delivered to your swim, help getting stuff to swim if needed.

    10 out of 10 from us, fantastically kept and maintained fishery

  7. First time at the venue this weekend with my 7 year old son for his first 24 hour, my son absolutely loves it, great venue with lovely facilities, shop, food wagon and course staff, they were so helpfull and friendly which was so nice and put me at ease what with it being my sons first night. We can’t wait to go back.

  8. My mate and I fished Kingfisher Fri-Sun, the experience was fantastic, we were greeted by John the bailiff, who took our gear to our swim, gave us tips on the lake, we were lucky enough to catch 5 carp, one being a PB for my mate 30lb.

    The facilities were amazing, the toilets and showers were better than you get in most hotels. The food Jo cooked was so tasty, fresh and great all round. The owners Dave and Jo couldn’t enough for you too make it a great weekend. We will be back very soon.

    Top Lake Top People.
    Regards Martin

  9. I fished Kingfisher lake yesterday for my first time at this fishery and was blown away by the overall experience!

    Upon arrival i was greeted by John the bailiff who loaded my gear on to his trailer, drove me to the lake and gave me a guided tour with a thorough explanation of the venue, also a complimentary cup of tea. The fishery itself is up there with the best you will find for every reason. There is an on site cafe/diner which offers a huge selection of freshly cooked food run by Jo (the co owner.)

    The 3 lakes are immaculate and very well maintained. Having spent some time chatting to Dave (the other co owner) you can see why his attitude is clearly to create not just a fishery but an experience which based on my 20 years of fishing appears to be unique.

    Top marks to everyone at Mousehole lakes, a 5 star venue with an incredible team.

  10. Please read this!!!!!!!!! I live 1 mile away from this venue and it was the first time I fished kingfisher swim 1 this weekend. What a fool I have been why didn’t I come sooner. Seriously I know we all fish for different reasons but this weekend I wouldn’t have cared if I didn’t catch because just being there meeting Joanne, David, Phil, Callum and co was brilliant.

    Apart from catching the lake record let me tell you about how good this fishery is. I called Joanne and asked to get on the lake early and this was no bother for her calling to make sure people was still coming. Joanne managed to get me there Friday night which was great I got there around 9:30pm kindly greeted by Joanne. Got set up and got my head down for the night in swim 1. Lovely swim right next to everything great features nice bit of water to fish also.

    Next morning came me and the Mrs was up sorting the rods out and Joanne and Dave come along and open the cafe up. And I thought banging get a breakfast to see what all this hype was about the cafe here. OH MY GOD now I’m not a small lad and I appreciate food but I couldn’t really believe how good it was. Sausages, bacon, eggs, hash browns, black pudding, white pudding, beans, mushrooms, chips, bread, it was epic. Great thing was how consistent they was also with giving you the best possible service. The little things like David bringing the breakfast round, taking the plates asking if it’s all ok, anything else I need. at times I forgot I was on a fishing bank. They all really couldn’t help you enough.

    So after my breakfast started talking to Callum the bailiff who gave me great advice very friendly once again nothing was to much bother for him. So during the day found all the features had a little walk round. The showers are brilliant and FREE there’s toilets all round the lakes which were sooo clean! There’s as log cabin with a vending machine, microwave, plugs, fridge table tv yes a tv seriously they have thought of it all. Not only are the lakes pukka the facilities are mustard.

    One thing I did notice talking to David is how much he cares for the fish in his lakes but this reflects on the condition of them, the fish I saw come out were immaculate. So into the evening meal nice steak chips mushrooms onions and a good cup of tea. I couldn’t believe it I was eating like a king. One again cooked perfectly and the service from David was spot on. After that time to get my head down. But this time 4am a wake up call I pulled into a decent fish which took a bit of time getting in fought really well. Finally got him in and what a absolute stunning fish a 34lb 12oz common carp not a mark on him PB for me and a lake record made my night.

    In the morning both David and Joanne came up and shook my hand well done and it’s little things like that that go a long way. Seriously I have never experienced better people skills than David and Joanne I got treated better on a fishing bank than I do when I go shopping for cars lol. Nothing was to much trouble asking if I wanted anything as they pops out shopping etc.

    Seriously I cannot express how good this fishery is, I’m disappointed I didn’t try it sooner being so close. I had the one fish lost 2 the weekend but I had the lake record so really happy about that. Phil was brilliant knew his stuff once again helped anyway he possibly could.

    Nothing was too much trouble for anyone. Even other anglers were soo polite it was such a great place to fish. I go fishing to enjoy it and hopefully catch fish, some people want the biggest they can get others just want time on the bank. But seriously if you want the best fishing experience ever go to mousehole lakes. I felt I was on holiday and I lived a mile away. The Mrs didn’t want to come home she enjoyed it that much so whilst she was in a good mood I booked a week in June and a few weekends in a row. They have really hit the nail on the head head please believe me. Thank you all for great weekend see you all soon

  11. First time on the lakes 10th May. Excellent site, fantastic swims, excellent service, staff great and helpful. Cafe, toilet, shower, vending machine, complimentary tea or coffee, what more do you want. I will be returning as I found this to be one of the best I have been to.

  12. Just come back from 30 hrs on Kingfisher lake and can’t recommend the place enough. The facilities are the cleanest I have ever seen at a fishery and the food is great. Dave and Jo couldn’t do enough for us, they are a true credit to their fishery. The fishing was good too, we had 4 fish between us including a lovely 30lb common which my mate caught. The only thing I will have against the place is my mate will now have his photo in the lodge and I’m not going to hear the last of it.

  13. First time visit to Mousehole Lakes. Wow, an absolute diamond venue and first class service. Friendly staff and anglers, free hot drinks on arrival, second to none facilities and loads of tips to make the session as seamless as possible. The fishing wasn’t bad either!

  14. Done 4 days at Kingfisher 6 fish. Many thanks to all the staff for their help, the food was brilliant. Thanks again Nigel and Viv.

  15. It was my first time at Mousehole Lakes and just went for a day ticket with my 13 year old son, it had been such a hot day and we kept seeing big fish cruising along the top.

    There were only a few anglers and nothing was happening. Then out of nowhere one rod screamed off my sons right hand rod. He landed a 15lb mirror, a lovely looking fish breaking his PB. He was so happy it made the day a great one. On top of that the people and facilities are fantastic, toilet and shower block, vending machines, cafe, microwave and a full size fridge. will be going back as soon as possible.

    Great venue.

  16. This was our first and definitely not our last visit to Mousehole Lakes!

    We were warmly welcomed by Joanne the day before our visit and invited to have a look around the complex. We met Keith the bailiff who talked through the recent fishing activity. We then spoke with some of the regular visitors who were also really helpful

    Joanne kindly managed to accommodate 4 swims for us in the area we wanted, again nothing was too much trouble for anyone. The swims were all of good size and all in great condition

    The food, toilets and complex were excellent and everyone was really friendly.

    3 of the 4 of us caught with me catching my PB of a 18lb Carp! Happy Days!

    Thanks again to everyone at Mousehole lakes.

  17. First time fishing at Mousehole Lakes and what a breath of fresh air it has been. Dave and Joanne have created a wonderful complex with superb facilities and a very welcoming atmosphere. All the staff were always more than happy to assist and nothing was too much trouble.

    Thanks to all including Keith and Stuart. The fishing too is fantastic as I ended up landing fish up to 27lb 7oz. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mousehole Lakes to anyone and I will certainly be back again

    Many thanks

  18. Jack and Harry

    This was our first time at Mousehole Lakes and we couldn’t ask for more of a nice bunch of people. Great service!

    Caught a range of fish between 7lb to 19lb. Had a full English breakfast brought round to our swim and we couldn’t believe how well it was cooked. 5 star facilities. Ice creams on the bank delicious! So thanks for having us and we will definitely be back!!

  19. Fished kingfisher lake for the first time and had one and 14.5lb.

    Absolute brilliant complex, all the staff are very friendly and had such a laugh with them. The food court and toilets are very clean, the food is very nice and reasonably priced.

    Will definitely be fishing the compex again and recommend it to other anglers

  20. I have been carp fishing for over 44 years and i can say that this is by far the best place i have been to. The owners Dave and Joanne, the bailiffs Keith and Phil really care, unlike a lot of fisheries that just want your money. All of them have time to walk round and have a chat. The complex is second to none. Even all the anglers are friendly, which is rare now.

    The food is brilliant, the facilities are great and the fish are in tip top condition. I have been going there for over 2 years now. Every time you go there is something more done to the complex. Can’t wait for October when i can get there again for another 4 days.

  21. Fished Mousehole the other week for the first time but defo will not be the last. Staff very pleasant and welcoming. The food from the cafe was first class, quickly served and cheap.

    The bailiffs were first class with advice and tips. All three of us caught and every fish was in mint condition. The complete package was very good value compared to other local fisheries.

    Thank you.

  22. Went on bank holiday monday, stunning lakes well run, very clean and keen to help in anyway and the food was puka fair priced and brought to the swim with a smile what more can you ask for will defo be back asap thanks richard tight lines

  23. I used to fish Mousehole when Roger owned it, but since Dave and Joanne took over it has become a million times better in all aspects and a real pleasure to fish.

    The bailiffs Keith and Phil always make you welcome and let you know how the lakes have been doing. I just want to say thanks to Dave and Joanne for all they have done, I cannot see myself fishing anywhere else.

    Thanks again

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